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For this serum we recommend PROGRESSIVE Revital Cream.
A therapy for each type of mature skin with very active serum and revitalising cream.


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A therapy for each type of mature skin with very active serum and revitalising cream. It consists of home beauty mini-treatments repeated over 28 consecutive evenings. The skin is subjected to “comprehensive renovation”. Improved appearance and structure are visible after a couple of days. The therapy ensures a spectacular “new skin” effect that increases over time: it strengthens, perfectly smoothes, hydrates the skin and makes it suppler. The complexion looks healthy, is tight and soft to the touch and is less sensitive to aggressive environmental factors. It has a prettier and more even tone and a youthful glow of freshness.


A cosmeceutic with a low pH level and 10% acid concentration. For night use under cream. Thanks to the innovative PROGRESSIVE EXFOLIATION™ and peeling effect, the serum has a very precise action and strongly stimulates multi-layered epidermal cell rejuvenation. Its properties stimulate penetration of the cream’s active ingredients into the skin.


Weight396 g
Dimensions13 x 8 x 10.1 cm

30 ml


Main ingredients: phytic acid, lactic acid, hyaluronic acid and PCA NANODISCS™ , hexapeptide -37, Snow Algae extract.

Texture: gel-like

Fragrance: unscented, natural fragrance of the ingredients used


Main ingredients: NANODISCS™ with active peptides and resilient fragment of elastin, Snow Algae extract,  avocado lipids.

Texture:  delicate skin smoothing coating layer
Fragrance: elegant aroma of luxuriantly blooming tropical flowers


Improtant note! Directions for using the serum and cream in the treatment: Due to the acid content, the treatment may only be applied to healthy skin without any irritations or other damage! Do not apply to eyelids. Leave at least 1 cm distance from the edge of
the eye! The serum may cause slight itching, which is a typical effect of acids.

Treatment: The treatment involves applying serum once a day, in the evening, and cream
twice a day – in the morning and in the evening, for 28 days. If any serum is left after the end of the treatment, we recommend using it up by combininig it with Infusion Rich Cream or H₂O Infusion Hydrolipid Cream.We recommend repeating the treatment every three months. Do not apply the treatment during periods of exposure to strong sunlight. It is best to postpone the treatment for after such periods.

Directions for using the serum: Apply every evening to a cleansed face and neck. Spread two pipettes of serum carefully over the skin and leave to absorb for a few minutes (or longer). Next, apply the cream.

Note! The serum may cause itching and slight burning of the skin immediately after application. This is perfectly normal due to the effect of the active ingredients.Directions for using the cream: apply the cream twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. In the evening, apply after the serum. Apply the cream only when the serum is fully absorbed. The cream is very efficient! It spreads excellently in a fine layer. When used in the morning, it is a perfect make-up base.


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