Infusion Cosmetics

Luxury cosmetics, providing active anti-wrinkle therapy, recommended for mature skin.

With YONELLE’s innovative infusion technology of NANODISCS™ filled with retinol, enhancing skin penetration even by 340%. The
outstanding properties of the cosmetics are possible as they contain a clean source of bio-energy rejuvenating skin cells producing collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid and the IONIC “TRICK” technology.


NANODISCS™ – are innovative carriers in the form of flat discs filled with active substances. They overcome as many as 14 layers of epidermal cells!
IONICK „TRICK”  – is an innovative method of cosmetics development that enhances skin penetration of active substances. It involves the use of ionized particles in suitable proportions and conditions.


NANODISCS™, retinol, active peptides, hyaluronic acid, lactobionic acid, glucoside MG6P, tsubaki oil, babassu oil, biolipid pigments, proteolytic enzymes, clean source of bio-energy, amino acids, jojoba wax.

Infusion Anri-wrinkle