Biofusion Cosmetics

Innovative cosmetics biologically regenerating sensitive and dry mature skin, prone to irritation and allergy.

Innovative. With their structure and proportions perfectly compatible with the structure of the epidermis, the cosmetics form the second skin. Their main characteristic is BIOFUSION, i.e. the ability to melt into the skin and biologically repair leaks and damaged skin. 3C – triple, deeply penetrating into the skin vitamin C, lightening discoloration, stimulating metabolism and synthesis of elastin and collagen. It delivers sensational strengthening, firming effects and helps dramatically improve the structure of the skin and visibly reduce wrinkles. The complexion delights with ultimate smooth and soft to touch texture.
Products tested on volunteers with sensitive skin prone to allergy.


NANODISCS™ – innovative carriers in the form of flat discs filled with active substances. They overcome as many as 14 layers of skin cells!
BIOFUSION – the process of melting the product into the skin. The innovative concept of the formula based on ingredients whose structure and proportions are perfectly compatible with the structure of the epidermis (dermomimentism). Made of biocompatible components, the second skin gets attached to the epidermis by hydrogen bonds and electrostatic forces forming one skin layer, which precisely repairs damaged skin.
3C – TRIPLE VITAMIN C – three different ultra stable forms of vitamin C, penetrating deeply into the skin overcoming several layers of skin cells. This feature enables to fully use the great potential of this vitamin – regenerating, stimulating and slowing down skin aging effects.


NANODISCS™,  three forms of vitamin C, ceramide 2, ceramide 3, choline lamellae, palmitic acid, alcohols C12-C16, phosphatidylocholine, lecithin, active peptides, tsubaki oil, hyaluronic acid.