For Who

Why do we dedicate our brand to women aged 40+?

Because we believe that it is a true challenge and we know how to meet it.

A woman aged 40+ notices the first signs of skin ageing. She often despairs over it and starts to worry about what will come next. She requires and expects help and that help has to be noticeable, effective and responsible. Only then will she feel comfortable and be able to look in the mirror with pleasure.

Metabolic functions start to deteriorate in 40+ skin and it gradually loses its youthful attributes. It takes longer to regenerate and generate collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid – its basic building elements. Radical measures become a must, such as deep stimulation and reconstruction. In order for this to be possible, active ingredients of beauty products MUST OVERCOME THE EPIDERMAL BARRIER and penetrate deep into the skin. Otherwise, they will not be effective.

At YONELLE, we have good news for women aged 40+! We have created a new quality of beauty products based on NANODISCS™, that penetrate even down to the 14th layer of skin cells!

Wrinkles beware!